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Lab in summer of 2012. From left to right. Back-row: James Regan-Mochrie, Chris Tokita, Jeff Oliver. Middle-row: Ashley Bear, Silas Dasgupta, Erica Westerman, Karin van der Burg, Katy Prudic, Elizabeth Rayhel (visiting), April Dinwiddie, Antonia Monteiro. Front row: Elizabeth Schyling, Xiaoling Tong  
Bicyclus anynana transgenic B.anynana expressing EGFP in the eyes
antibody stains showing the proteins Distal-less (in red) and engrailed (in green) on a developing pupal wing corresponding eyespot on the adult wing
green fluorescent protein is produced in precise patterns on the butterfly wing by laser activation of the correspondent gene through a cut-out stencil the EGFP gene is turned on via the Drosophila heat-shock promoter that responds to changes in cell temperature produced by the laser
antibody stain for the protein engrailed showing the set of seven hindwing eyespots on a developing pupal wing
the dorsal forwings of several Bicyclus species showing a range of colored scales, most of them reflective in the UV
Bicyclus anynana mating
Mating among wet and dry seasons Bicyclus anynana .

Click on the image to see a series of art renditions of B. anynana


produced by : John Arabolos, Professional Designer and Artist in Residence, The Department of Art and Design, at the University of New Haven