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Lab in Nov 2018  
Lab in Singapore in April 2017  
Lab in Singapore in November of 2014. Nesibe's birthday baloon bash....  
Lab in New Haven in summer of 2012. From left to right. Back-row: James Regan-Mochrie, Chris Tokita, Jeff Oliver. Middle-row: Ashley Bear, Silas Dasgupta, Erica Westerman, Karin van der Burg, Katy Prudic, Elizabeth Rayhel (visiting), April Dinwiddie, Antonia Monteiro. Front row: Elizabeth Schyling, Xiaoling Tong  
Bicyclus anynana transgenic B.anynana expressing EGFP in the eyes
antibody stains showing the proteins Distal-less (in red) and engrailed (in green) on a developing pupal wing corresponding eyespot on the adult wing
green fluorescent protein is produced in precise patterns on the butterfly wing by laser activation of the correspondent gene through a cut-out stencil the EGFP gene is turned on via the Drosophila heat-shock promoter that responds to changes in cell temperature produced by the laser
antibody stain for the protein engrailed showing the set of seven hindwing eyespots on a developing pupal wing
the dorsal forwings of several Bicyclus species showing a range of colored scales, most of them reflective in the UV
Bicyclus anynana mating
Mating among wet and dry seasons Bicyclus anynana .

Click on the image to see a series of art renditions of B. anynana


produced by : John Arabolos, Professional Designer and Artist in Residence, The Department of Art and Design, at the University of New Haven